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IPL Betting 2021: Odds, Tips & Predictions

.September 22, 2021        Aditi Arya

Are you looking to make some money during this IPL? But, confused about how to start the same? IPL betting is one of the crucial bets which can assist you in gaining huge rewards. It just needs the right guidance and vital IPL betting tips.

Here, we help you with the IPL betting online procedure and tips for the same.

IPL Betting 2021: An Overview

The most popular T20 league in the world, the Indian premier league (IPL) is a class of its own. The best cricketers from all over the world show off their skills and delight the spectators.

In May of this year, the IPL was postponed indefinitely. However, there is a lot of cheer for right now as IPL is set to resume in the United Arab Emirates. The UAE leg of the IPL kicked off with CSK vs MI on September 19th and the final will be played on October 15th. Here we talk about IPL betting tips, IPL betting odds and IPL betting predictions.

2021 IPL Betting Tips 

Let us look at a few IPL betting tips to win in most of the IPL betting online:

Read about betting

You can learn the tricks of the trade step by step on how you can win at IPL betting. Read, take your time, absorb, and take notes.

Open more than one account

The reason behind this is the competitive price and bonus many sites offer. You might pay less to make a bet. So, you lose less and make a greater margin in IPL betting.

Bankroll management

If you want to make money betting sports, your bankroll needs to be large enough to handle losses. The more money you want to split up, the more money you should have.

Analyze ranking and performance

You need to analyze the ranking, rating, and performance of each team before placing a bet if you are hoping to win at IPL betting online.

Check the Weather

Weather can change the outcome of the game. A drizzle can affect the game. If the pitch condition changes, it largely affects how a ball spins or bounces. This must be accounted for in a bet.

Join the right site

Join a legit IPL betting site.  A site that allows winners and does not encourage small bets. And finally, a site that offers cashback or anything to put more money in your pocket.

2021 IPL Betting Odds

You can place a few bets, with the cricket betting odds out for the outright winner of the tournament. IPL 2021 has been a great season as far as IPL betting online is concerned.

You must keep an eye on how to get the best odds possible for your bets, as the IPL odds keep on fluctuating as more matches are played. Outright winner, the IPL top batsman, the top bowler in some of the most popular markets.  

It’s advisable to wait for the first couple of matches and see which team is performing well in the UAE conditions.

Chennai Super Kings lead the IPL odds table. This team looks like one of the most balanced sides and this won’t be a surprise if they lift the trophy this time. Mumbai and Delhi are the two major teams with odds of 3.75 approximately. Match winner, top batsman, top bowler, most sixes, most run-outs and to win the toss, IPL odds vary for the different markets.

2021 IPL Betting Predictions 

As per IPL betting prediction, Mumbai Indians will win the IPL this year. Let’s look at betting odds by each team:

Team                                                 IPL Betting odds

Mumbai Indians                                   3.25

Royal Challengers Bangalore             4.00

Delhi Capitals                                       5.00

Chennai Super Kings                          7.50

Kolkata Knight Riders                         15.00

Rajasthan Royals                                 15.00

Sunrisers Hyderabad                           15.00

Punjab Kings                                         17.00

As more matches are played statistics change. And final stats may not look the same. So, an eye must be there at various new odds that emerge as matches are played.

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IPL Betting: FAQs

Question: How to win in IPL betting?

It is important to understand the game and related information along with IPL betting tips. If well prepared there are more chances to win after selecting the right site.

Question: How to make money in IPL betting?

1.  Analyze the right data

2.  Bet only what you can afford

3.  Don’t bother much about bad results

4.  Familiarize yourself with the pitches

5.  Take a long-term view with IPL betting tips.

6.  View IPL betting predictions & odds

Question: How to bet in the IPL?

Follow the following steps:

1.  Create an account on a betting platform

2.  Go to the Cricket section

3.  Select a match of your own choice and place the bets

You can also follow the IPL betting prediction to generate amazing profits.

Question: Is online IPL betting legal?

Online IPL betting is totally legal or illegal is difficult to answer.  Yet some online betting sites like are quite popular and trustworthy across India for IPL betting.  Apart from a few states, online betting is legal for other states.

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