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How to Earn Money from Online Cricket Betting in India?

.August 9, 2021        Aditi Arya

Cricket is a wonderful prospect not only for having fun but also to earn some money via online cricket betting. However, the number of bookmakers proposing cricket betting online in India is rising. And it is difficult to select a quality, trustworthy club that you can hand over your money.  

There are several considerations to ponder when selecting the best betting sites. Check out the vital pointers you ought to keep in mind before online cricket betting.

Ways to Increase Chances of Winning in Online Cricket Betting in India

Let’s look at the ways to increase your chances of winning money in online cricket betting in India.

1. Watch the Value

Many new wagers wrongly place their bets merely on what they believe will occur. A value bet is a bet in which the likelihood of a result is bigger than the bookie's price advises. Hunt for values that have a superior possibility of winning than the odds indicate.

2. Don’t Just Bet on Big Names

The instinct for a lot of people is to bet on the big names. Nevertheless, the very nature of sport implies that there is constantly a likelihood of an upset. So, do your research correctly!

3. Get Statistical

Make Sure you know how many games the teams and players have worked through that year and won before you place in online cricket betting.

4. Pitch Reports

In cricket, the pitch can have a huge effect on a match. A pitch description will give you a summary of how things appear prior to a ball has been bowled, and the weather and how it is expected to deteriorate and influence the match.  

5. Don’t Race Bets

Some gamblers create massive wagers and lose. Then to recover that loss, they choose to make further bets. This you must avoid. Online cricket betting should only be for fun and not for your income.

6. Know Your Formats

The three layouts of the game are Test, One Day International (ODI) and Twenty20 (T20) cricket. When considering betting, it is crucial to consider the various styles of players; the methods utilized for one format and much more.

7. Keep track of Form

A tactic should be applied when deciding whether to bet on a player. If a bowler has tried for wickets on a tour and is moving into the match with no certainty due to a weak run, you must bet on someone else.

8. How Vital Is the Match?

If a match is a dead rubber, the teams may opt to field an inexperienced team to relax their best players.

9. The Winner of the Toss

If a captain wins the toss on a pitch that appears impeccable for batting, then they will have handed themselves a significant benefit for the rest of the game, particularly if the pitch will worsen rapidly.

10. The Weather

The rain can influence a match. Thus, it is a crucial factor to consider before online cricket betting.

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Identify the Value

Your real consequence of the bet is contingent upon the worth of the odds. Keep in mind that the odds are centred on the favourite and the losers of a match. Look into the odds, equate it with your knowledge of the team’s situation.

If you bet on higher odds, you will get extra money, and if the odds are minimal, you will win a smaller amount of money. By seeing up at the values of every bookmaker, you get to manage that result.

Go into Long Term Markets

You can earn money from any team sport that has a group basis by exporting the long-term markets. Undeniably, it is imperative that betting on long term markets is the simplest way to earn money from betting. Therefore, put your time and efforts into betting the long-term markets.

Try Test Match Cricket

The highest standard form of cricket is the Test Match range. This is played over 5 days apart from the result being decided in advance.  All of it comes exactly down to which aspect ratings the full runs. However, a current facet must furthermore bowl out the competition on instances.

Choose Right Bookmakers

Here are some of the right bookmakers:

Casumo: A stylish design, insightful interface, accessible ways to finance your account, and fantastic openings for online cricket betting, and more. Also, use the superb app.

Parimatch:  This club has the largest variety of sports. In addition, they offer substantial bonuses, nice design, experienced support service, a license from a recognized regulator, amongst others.

22Bet: In this club, you will barely find new and glamorous types of bets, but if you are a fan of the classics, then this is for you.

888Sport: A great website that presents a wide range of varieties, including cricket, particularly the live section. One of the most streamlined sites with an elegant modern design appropriate for enthusiasts of everything new and terse. Furthermore, this site is contemporary not only because of the design but also for the most sophisticated payment techniques.


You may win or lose a lot in online cricket betting. But it can be balanced with an appropriate understanding of cricket betting. Follow the regulations above.


Question 1: Which website is best for cricket betting? is the best website for online cricket betting.

Question 2: How can I bet Cricket Online?

Select the right website, register yourself and choose your betting options.

Question 3: Which is the best online betting site in India?

The best online cricket betting website in India is  

Question 4: How much do I earn through online cricket betting?     

It depends on the way you are betting. For that keep pointers in your mind before betting. 

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