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How To Become Pro in Online Cricket Betting

.July 25, 2021        Mohit

In India, there is not a sport that’s equally admired or bashed like cricket. And online betting cannot survive without online cricket betting. You need to come up with a different strategy to stay ahead of everyone else.

Here are a few tips and tricks that might help you get there.

How to Become Pro in Online Cricket Betting in India

  •  Use the welcome bonus wisely: The first thing to do is to know about the bonus terms and conditions well. Some offer work only on certain matches. Some are for a specific time frame. It should be known before placing a bet. In any case, it’s very important to read terms and conditions.
  • Safe bets: One should also consider not losing money, in addition to making more money. That’s why in a few matches betting on both team’s work.
  • Know the condition well: It’s a known fact that a match can be affected by external factors such as the condition of pitch and weather conditions. It’s important to have enough knowledge about all these before online cricket betting on a match.
  • Matchups and form: Before online cricket betting read about the current form of the team and or players. A lot of cricket betting sites offer reading material about the match-up between two players.
  • Explore different markets: Sometimes you must look into different options to gain more profit. It’s good to go with different markets such as a top batter, top bowlers among others.
  • Make full use of live streaming and in-play betting: Sometimes rather than following scores, it’s better to watch the match. Numbers do lie sometimes. If you watch the streaming, you will understand that the batter is in trouble and has been struggling to middle the ball. And if you are just following scores, all you see is that batter had taken the bowler for boundaries. This will impact online cricket betting in India.

Keep Yourself Updated About Teams And Rankings

ICC ranking for Test, ODI and T20 cricket is calculated as well as provide the latest tables for all three play formats. As various teams play Test, ODI and T20 their points and ranking are calculated for both teams and individual players. This recent and updated information helps when it comes to online cricket betting.

Why Not Bet On Both Sides?

Online cricket betting in India on both teams in the same event, either at the same times or at different times, in the hope that both bets will win. It’s quite rare but very profitable when it comes off. It’s a very attractive option with low liability.

Keep An Eye On The Weather

Weather conditions dictate the match outcome at any given point in time. If the weather is cold and windy, pacers do well. If the weather is sunny, the batters score more.

Know The History Of Grounds And Pitches.

Anyone trying to know how to win an online cricket betting session must have proper knowledge about the ground where the match will take place. Every stadium has a history. 

The cricket pitch has a major impact on the match outcome Majority of the bat vs ball records depends upon the type and nature of the pitch. When the pitch is greener and covered with some grass, it favors the batsman as the ball comes nicely on the bat. Whereas the same pitch can become a nightmare for batsmen if it has huge and wide cracks on it.

Pre-game Research

Every moment spent on learning about the match or tournament is called pre-game research. The pre-game research pretty much involves all of the points above already discussed. But study must be done on the most recent events to understand how to win sessions in online cricket betting. It’s important to check if any players are injured or not. Also, check if any of the players have been replaced or are not playing the match.

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FAQs | Online Cricket Betting

Question 1: How can I succeed in online cricket betting?

Following are some of the tips:

  • Keep yourself updated about teams and rankings.
  • Bet on both sides.
  • Keep an eye on the weather.
  • Know the history of grounds and pitches.
  • Pre-game research.

Question 2: Can we earn money in online cricket betting?

Even the best of most consistent bettors only win 52-60%. But if you can get there and are willing to do groundwork, you can make money betting on cricket.

Question 3: How do you become a cricket bookie?

  • Learn about the business from blogs and experience people.
  • Find players.
  • Partner with another bookie so that you both can win.
  • Get a great pay per head bookie software.
  • Start running and managing your business.

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