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Cricket Betting Prediction - How to Predict Cricket Matches?

.October 19, 2021        Aditi Arya

All around the globe and in India, online cricket betting has gained tremendous popularity. To make winning bets, many people think that their love for cricket is enough. But due diligence and thorough research is highly important in cricket betting online. For playing online cricket betting odds, many cricket bet sites offer cricket betting predictions and tips.

Understand how an online cricket betting works

For instance, for an IPL match, MI’s win may have odds of 3.5, CSK’s win may have odds of 1.5 and match getting drawn has a probability of 6.5. So, if you bet on MI’s win with a wager amount of Rs. 1000 then you will get Rs. 3500 on MI’s win. Same principle goes for the loss.

Apart from the first bets, such as win, lose, or draw, there are many other bets. Some of those are: Most wickets taker in the tournament of IPL, most runs combined in IPL, Number of sixes or fours in the match

Here are some tips for online cricket betting.


Some of the things you should look for are offers, odds, news updates, security and 24/7 customer support. Also, check the online review and the payout history of the website along with cricket betting predictions tips.


There are virtual bookmakers for calculating odds. But you must do your own research about the game, players, pitch, and weather conditions etc.


To make use of cricket betting odds in a logical way, one should have absolute control over their emotions.

Strategies to Predict Cricket Match

Cricket is an unpredictable game. When you are not expecting, upsetting your favorite team, if a team is winning out of the blue, you might be devastated. When there is money involved, it becomes worse.  Let’s look at some of the strategies for cricket betting prediction.

Look into the past data

You will find a pattern going on from where you can predict things, if you look closely onto every cricket match you watch. To understand the pattern, you can look into the previous head to head analysis of recent matches of both sides who are playing and know the tricks for cricket betting online.

Respect the match conditions

No matter who is playing in the team that you are supporting, more than 50% of the game results depend on external factors. It means pitch, weather, the time of the match (whether gay game or day-night) and size of the boundary. The team has already got an advantage if the team has good pace bowlers, and they play in a green track. The side that knows the condition well or can adapt to the conditions of the online cricket betting.

Wait for the Toss

Toss plays a key role in test matches and to some extent in ODI games. In recent times chasing has become the strength of the team. Then, you can enjoy your online cricket betting.

Compare the performance of key players of both the teams

If you believe a particular player is going to win the game for you on the side you are backing, check on this counterpart on the opposite side for cricket betting prediction. If he is a key batsman, then look for the bowlers that can trouble him. If you have a team with more left handers, playing against a wicket taking off spinner is worse. It’s an advantage to have finishers in the side who can bat long and hit big in the end.

Simulate the entire game

 Think of the game down ball by ball. Keep all the factors discussed above in mind for cricket betting prediction and run the entire game. This way with practice, you will be able to analyze things sooner than you may realize.


Cricket betting odds are crucial for placing bets online and making the right decision on online cricket betting. Also make sure to keep in mind the tips and strategies mentioned earlier.

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Question: How do you predict cricket?

Following are few of the things one must do for cricket betting prediction:

  • Understand how betting market works
  • Follow and watch as much cricket as you can
  • Find an area to specialize in such as IPL or the T20 format
  • Try and find an edge
  • Leave it to the experts

Question: How do you bet without losing?

In the sports betting industry, new bettors are signing up to place bets every day. There are some tricks that can help you to be successful, but the majority of bettors will end up losing more money than they can win. If you want to give excel in cricket betting online without losing, here are few things to remember: 

  • Do lot of research
  • Use a handicapper
  • Show Restraint
  • No Parlays

Question: How do you win a bet?

To win, you must know cricket betting predictions, tips for the same are:

  • Know your sport inside out for cricket betting online.
  • The favorite does not always win
  • Shop around. Don’t just stick to one bookmaker
  • Include fewer selection in your bet
  • On prices avoid the temptation of odds
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